Creative snack recipes for kids

If you go grocery shopping with your kids, there is always something they ask for. It is likely to be finger food and sweet more often than savoury. The food will probably be something in a package with very bright colours. Their favourite cartoon characters or those from the latest film may look at them from the box. Those are the tried and tested techniques food manufacturers use to attract your children’s attention. You can use them too to attract your kids to the right food.

How to make creative snacks for kids

Choose food that has bright colours. Serve the food in coloured containers, pots, mini boxes, or paper plates featuring those cartoon characters. Make good use of cookie cutters and knives to shape fruits and vegetables into fun ways. Be creative with garnishes and toppings.

If it is to be on the sweet side, fruits come in all sort of tints and shades. If you cannot chop them into fun shapes, insert them into bamboo skewers – for very young kids, remove the skewer altogether – and serve with a little honey, maple syrup, or a homemade cream cheese dip. Top with toasted chopped nuts if possible. Make your own ice lollies in all the rainbow colour, but made from fruit juice and not water with colored powder.

You can also go international and explore other cuisines for recipes your kids will try. Bet they won't say no to Basel cookies or British scones and while they munch on this gingery cookies, they are expanding their range of flavors - and may learn some history or geography. When made at home with healthy ingredients, and with the right portion size, these treats are healthy. Try whole wheat cookies or muffins and add some colorful garnish. A healthy snack is worth sprinkling a litle color on top.

Make food interesting

Creative snacks are the same healthy snacks but presented in a imaginative way.

On the savoury side, serve sweet cherry tomatoes sprinkle with a little salt, cut a whole wheat sandwich into a rabbit shape, or any shape that will catch their imagination, make savoury muffins with wholesome flour, or serve vegetable sticks with a dip – and make them look like a star, with the a dollop of creamy dip at the middle and vegetable sticks as the rays.

Juices and smoothies are more than a drink and a yummy wato to replenish nutriens. You can adapt some ideas for juices and smoothies to kid portions and serve them in colorful cups with straws. Kids are more likely to like the sweet and fruity versions than vegetable juices.