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healthy for your kids
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Candy tree ornaments

Edible Christmas ornaments are fun to make and recyclable... what is more children would enjoy getting them off the tree. Ask their help to tidy up and this time they would be delighted.

Use m&m, jelly beans, gumdrops or your favorite candy.

If using m&m, you could get them in Christmas colors; orange and black for Halloween; pink and red for Valentine's Day; green for Saint Patrick's Day; yellow for Easter.

You will need

1 package m&m, assorted colors, plastic wrap, pipe cleaner, ribbon.

How to do it

Cut plastic wrap into 6-inch squares. Place a bunch of m&m sweets in the middle. Gather corners and twist tightly. Secure with pipe cleaner.

Cluster individual balls into one large one, connecting each ball with the adjoining pipe cleaner. Tie "curling" ribbon around the cluster to form a loop at the tops.

Tie two 10-inch strands of ribbon at the bottom and curl. Hang on the tree with the loop ends.