Children's Valentine party

Make it heart shaped. Make it red or pink. Throw in a little chocolate. And you have the food for a kids Valentine's Day party.

Make it heart shaped. Make it red. Throw in a little chocolate. And you have the food for a kids Valentine's Day party.

A Valentine Party invitation

Heart shaped and with the obvious topics: hearts, cherubs and cupids, and costumes were welcomed.

The party

Costumes, walls and tables can be decorated with hearts. A hand painted heart shaped box full of chocolate candy to welcome guests on arrival. Have some of those headbands with two silly hearts on a spring and cupid bows and arrows for those kids with no costume.

Games can include a blind man’s buff game where a blindfolded cupid chases and brings together a boy and a girl. Other game may send a kid going out of the room while the others get organized, then coming back and shouting a number to exchange a chasete kiss with the child that had that number.

Open the family room to entertain guest but leave only friendship movies and puzzles involving hearts and cupids.

Party bags can be filled with strawberry and cream sweets or heart shaped chocolates wrapped in red and pink foil.

A Valentine table

The tablecloth was covered with muslin. A few golden fruits and leaves on top were suitably romantic decorations. Silk paper hearts in all shades of pink and red were scattered as flower petals. The trays were lined with fake lace with heart patterns.

There was a mixture of red and printed red hearts on a white background in the paper plates and napkins.

Food ideas for a children's Valentine's party

Valentines Day is a fun time for kids to express their friendship for their peers, and to enjoy a few treats. Food for the party is simply a matter of highlighting red foods and creating heart shaped items. Of course, a little chocolate is always welcomed too.

I *heart* you.

Armed with a heart shaped cookie cutter or a knife just about any kids favorite can be turned into a Valentines treat. Here are some ideas:

Sandwiches - peanut butter and strawberry jelly or any other favorite.

Pancakes - top them with strawberries.

French toast - Use two heart shaped pieces. Put cream cheese between and top with strawberries.

Cookies - for sugar cookies, add red sprinkles after they come out of the oven.

Individual Pizzas - topped with pepperoni and red peppers. Allowing guests to add their own toppings can be a fun activity for the party too.

Cheese cubes - Use a small cookie cutter or cut cubes into hearts.

Cakes - Heart shaped pans are available at your local craft store or online.

Seeing Red

Be sure to include lots of red foods in your celebration. Pick first from foods that are naturally red. Then add foods that are dyed red. Please be aware though, some children are sensitive to red food dye.

Fruits - Strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, apples, cherries and grapes are kid favorites in a variety of red shades. Mix the fruit together for fruit salad. Serve with ice cream and candy hearts or red hots to create sundaes. Or make parfaits with fruit, cubes of angel food cake and whipped cream.

Vegetables - Red peppers and cherry tomatoes are kid friendly vegetables for dipping. Other red choices could include pickled red beets, or pink coleslaw (made with red cabbage.)

Beverages - Create fruit punch using cranberry or other red juices. There are also many choices of red soda, or serve strawberry milk. Use a candy mold to freeze red juice into heart shapes to float in the punch or the glasses.

Red sweets - Jello, Red Velvet Cake, food coloring added to whipped cream, pudding, or cookies.

More Valentine party food ideas

No ordinary drinks on the table, only love potions, and the food was supposed to be charmed to bring friends together.

Love potions

All the drinks were sweet: the normal lemony soda had been colored light pink, probably with some grenadine; a selection of sodas was leaning heavily on the cherry and vanilla flavors, and pink grapefruit juice and a raspberry light smoothie were the healthy option.

Charmed food

All the magical food was hearth shaped or had some red color. The table displayed heart shaped and arrow shaped sandwiches with ham pate filling. Savory crackers with cheese, ham, smoked salmon, and salami cut in heart shapes were topped with cream cheese and little tomato and cucumber hearts in contrasting colors.

Soon after came heart shaped pizzas with red toppings, such as roasted red peppers or salami, and grilled cheese toasts also in a heart shape.

A sweethearts party should have plenty of sweet treats, on that department was difficult to decide between the heart melting cookies, the cherry pie with a heart design on the crust, or the heart shaped cake with cream cheese icing.

You can make a heart shaped cake out of a square cake and a round as long as the side of the square cake is of the same lenght as the diameter of the round one.

Cut the round cake in half and stick the half cakes to the sides of the square cake with a bit of icing, creating a heart shape.

Cover in icing to hide the union lines.


Valentines Day must have a little chocolate. Chocolate covered cherries or dipped strawberries are a good choice. Chocolate kisses are appropriate, or make your own heart or rose shaped chocolate suckers with a candy mold. Children also enjoy helping to make the chocolate candies.

Red, hearts, and chocolate are perfect food choices for a kids Valentines party. Enjoy sharing the love, friendship and food with the children.