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healthy for your kids
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The spread

The choice of spread can transform a simple sandwich or wrap from ordinary to extraordinary, not just by adding moisture and texture, but also by infusing each bite with rich flavors and healthy nutrients. Moving beyond traditional butter or mayonnaise, there are numerous options for spreads that contribute healthy fats, proteins, and a variety of flavors that can elevate your child's lunch. Let’s explore some of these options and learn how to incorporate them into everyday meals.

Choosing breads and wraps

The bread or wrap that hugs the fillings of your child’s sandwich or wrap is more than just a container; it’s a vital part of the meal’s nutritional profile. This choice sets the stage for a lunch that can energize, nourish, and satisfy hunger until the next meal. With an array of options available, selecting the right bread or wrap might seem daunting. However, this decision provides a fantastic opportunity to boost the daily intake of whole grains, fiber, and various essential nutrients.

Fun bento boxes

Bento box lunches that are not only nutritious, but also visually appealing to kids. Learn how to assemble a balanced bento box and get plenty of ideas to vary them throughout the week.