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Easy egg salad pita pockets

An easy light meal, ideal for lunch, a pick-me-up, or supper. Kids can make this themselves, from the egg salad to opening the pita bread.


6 egg (hard boiled eggs, peeled and chopped)
1⁄3 c mayonnaise (or alfredo sauce)
1⁄4 c bacon (optional, cooked crispy, finely chopped)
1 pn onion (onion powder)
1 T chives (fresh chives, snipped)
1 pn black pepper (ground)
2 pita bread (open, cut in half)


Place the eggs into a bowl.

Stir in the mayonnaise, bacon and onion powder well.

Gently fold in the parsley and pepper.

Open the pita pockets and fill each one with the egg salad mixture.

Preparation time
4 servings


This recipe will be enough for 4 young children or two tweens, or 1 teen and  1 adult.

To open pita bread, sprinkle a little water on top or lightly wet the edge and heat in a microwave oven about 30 seconds at 800 w.


Subsitute chives with parsley.

Add baby spinach for a Popeye sandwich.


This is a good recipe for students.Teens are old enough to cook hard-boiled eggs and deal with the macrowave oven. They can prepare the whole sandwich. They would be able to prepare homemade mayonnaise, as well.

School age kids may be able to prepare the egg salad once the eggs are cooked and using prepared mayonnaise. They could open the pita bread.

Young kids can help to mix the egg salad and fill the halved pita bread.