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Candy cane cookies

This candy cane cookies will make Santa feel better and they are guaranteed to please your family and friends too.


1⁄2 lb butter (about 2 sticks, unsalted butter, softened)
1 c sugar (superfine sugar)
1⁄2 t salt
1 egg (large)
1 egg yolk (from a large egg)
2 1⁄2 c candy (candy canes, crushed)


Whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt and set aside.

Cream together 1 cup of the sugar and butter for 3 minutes, or until light a fluffy. Remember to scrape the sides of the bowl. Add the egg yolk, beat well and then add the whole egg and vanilla and continue to beat for 30 seconds longer. Add the flour and beat for an additional 30 seconds.

Divide the dough in two. Cover with plastic wrap and allow chilling in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Adjust your oven racks to the upper and lower middle positions and preheat oven to 375° F, 190-200° C.

Working with only one of the dough segments, roll it out on a lightly floured surface to a 1/8 inch, about 4 mm, thickness. Cut out shapes with a lightly dusted cookie cutter.

Place cut out dough on a non-greased cookie sheet, sprinkled crushed candy cane over tops, press gently to set them.

Bake for 6-8 minutes or until evenly golden in color.

Remove immediately from sheet and cool completely on a wire rack before decorating.

Total time
23 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
36 cookies


The estimated cooking time does not include resting time.

When baking these cookies, start with the baking sheet on the top rack. Half way through the cooking time, turn the sheet and move it to the bottom rack.

To create snowflakes, omit the crushed candy cane, and use a sharp knife to cut out different designs. Dust the tops with powdered sugar, or use white icing to decorate. Remember that no two snowflakes are a like.


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